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Antique Partners Desks

Friday, June 20th, 2014

There is often confusion about the term ” Partners Desk .”   Genuine antique partners  desks are in-fact double sided desks, with drawers and cupboards on either side in order that two people can use the same desk at the same time.  The drawer arrangements are usually identical on either side of the desk but on occasion there might be a combination of both drawers & cupboards differing one side to the other.

Dating from the mid- Georgian period ( 1750’s) onwards these large desks were much favored by the Banking, Legal & Medical professions and always constructed to the highest standards using the most expensive materials.  As such, these desks reflect status & inspire confidence and are much sought after today for the same reason.

The partners desk shown below, made in figured mahogany in England around 1820 (Geo.1V period ) is such a desk and with its arrangement of drawers and dividers on both sides, behind twin locking cupboards was originally made for the legal profession.

Measuring 6ft, 2ins wide x 43ins deep it is perfect for partners working together, or as a single imposing desk in a large room.



   This desk is in exceptionally  good, restored condition.  The  writing surface is high quality hide leather, Burgundy colour with gilt tooling.   The price is 3,500 euros.   Stock no, 1235


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